Battle of the Hürtgen Forest – Historic Literary walking tour

Battle of the Hürtgen Forest – Historic Literary walking tour

Start: Hürtgen Forest End: Hürtgen Forest Duration: 3 days

Battle of Hürtgen Forest – Historic Literary walking tour

Experience history on 7 Historic Literary walking tours in the Hürtgen Forest and enjoy the hospitality of the Rureifel.

There are several hiking trails ranging from 2,5 to 9,5 km where you can discover traces of battles at the end of the Second World War. Ruined bunker, communication trenches, places where missing soldiers were found and a tank tread.

From time to time, well-known  writers and authors have stayed in the area: Ernst Hemingway, Heinrich Boell and J.D. Salinger are all connected with the events which took place here.

The route on the map

Day 1

Arrival and walking tour of the “Ochsenkopf trail”. In the short version this path is just 2 km long and beside the history it gives you insight in the classifications of the walking trail network.

Photos of day 1

Day 2

Walking tour on one of the trails, for example “Westwall trail” starting in Simonskall or “Heinrich Boell trail”.

Photos of day 2

Day 3

Walking tour on a different trail, for example Kall trail.

Photos of day 3


Visit of the St. Mokka church at Nideggen-Schmidt or visit of the museum “Hürtgen Forest 1944 and in peace”.