"Rivers at the Borders" Hürtgen Bike Tour

"Rivers at the Borders" Hürtgen Bike Tour

Start: Aachen - DE End: Arnhem - NL 230km Duration: 5 days

"Rivers at the Borders" Hürtgen Bike Tour

By September 1944, Allied forces at first failed in their attempt to cross the bridge over the Rhine in Arnhem. The cities of Nijmegen, Venlo and Roermond were scenes of hard battles and of odd events. Each of the towns of Julich and Dueren were razed to the ground in just one night and the Battle of Huertgen Forest delayed the liberation of the Rhineland and Germany for several months.

All these cities were rebuilt after the war and today invite `touring cyclists` to discover and explore the beauties next to the rivers, to detect the scars in the landscape and to get to places of memory and key remembrance sites. With the help of the junction point system route network and the `RurUfer Radweg` along the rivers, you will reach all the stages of the tour safely. A collection of texts, relevant information and helpful hints about discoveries are provided. From time to time there are `Audiospots` which tell stories about the years 1944-1945.

It is possible to travel the tour both ways. Return transport is possible from Arnhem and Aachen.

More information: http://www.rureifel-tourismus.de/

The route on the map

Day 1 - Aachen-Julich (40km)

Aachen was the first German city to be captured by the Allies and the first German big city which was liberated following the battle of Aachen. Sightseeing of the city centre and dome is possible. The trip continues to Julich, which was completely destroyed on the 16th of November 1944. Visit of the citadel.

Photos of day 1 - aachen-julich (40km)

Day 2 - Julich-Roermond (60km)

Start in Julich, the tour continues to Linnich along the Rur. A visit of the memorial stone of the former synagogue, and then further to Effeld and across the borders to Roermond in Holland: Mouth of the Rur in the Maas. A visit of the St. Christopher's Cathedral and of its exhibition. A visit of the market square where stands a memorial stone to historical boundaries.

Photos of day 2 - julich-roermond (60km)

Day 3 - Roermond-Gennep (60km)

Start in Roermond then on the way from Kessel to Steyl close to Venlo. Use of the boat to Arcen or cycling tour through Venlo to Arcen*. Cross the The Maas, an obstacle on the way to the liberation of Europe, then continue further to Gennep. A visit of `Hoerstelle` `The longest bridge` of Ellen Hofmannplein and Martinus Tor. Start of the Rhineland Offensive.

*reduces the day's distance by 15km

Photos of day 3 - roermond-gennep (60km)

Day 4 - Gennep-Nijmegen (40km)

Start at Gennep and further to Groesbeek.  A visit of the National Liberation Museum with a guided tour is possible, as well as a visit of the Canadian war cemetery. Continuation of the trip to Nijmegen along the river Waal. Stop at site `Valkhof ` with a view of very important bridges during the war and on the `De Oversteek` bridge.

Photos of day 4 - gennep-nijmegen (40km)

Day 5 - Nijmegen-Arnhem (30km)

Continuation of the trip to Arnhem along the Rhine via Elst. A visit of the John Frost Bridge and other memorial sites of Operation Market Garden.

Photos of day 5 - nijmegen-arnhem (30km)