Liberation Route Europe Foundation

Liberation Route Europe Foundation

Liberation Route Europe

Liberation Route Europe Foundation

The Liberation Route Europe Foundation works with government organisations, universities, museums, veteran societies, commemorative events organisers, travel agents, tour operators and other tourism organisations in Western Europe and Poland, to bring together national perspectives on the liberation of Europe, to learn and share experiences and understanding, in order to create a unified awareness of the importance of freedom. The foundation commemorates the events of the Second World War and encourages the citizens of Europe to celebrate and cherish it for the future.

The foundation's mission is to monitor and develop the Liberation Route Europe concept; to organise promotional activities, provide knowledge and information to regions that are interested in the concept; and to work on the further expansion of Liberation Route Europe. Furthermore, the foundation would like to function as a portal for the public for accessing museums, events and other related activities in these regions of Europe.

The Liberation Route Europe Foundation aims to promote the European Liberation Route and make it accessible and educational. It wants to attract as many visitors as possible to the route that the allies took through Western Europe between 6th June 1944 and 8th May 1945, so that they can explore and discover the history behind it. Liberation Route Europe also reaches Poland, one of the countries that got under the Soviet domination after the Second World War. Events during the war and Polish route to freedom show the experience of the Poles and of the other nations of East-Central Europe, which in many ways were unlike those of the Western Europeans and are little known.

The Liberation Route Foundation does this using modern communication such as websites and apps that can be accessed on route to unlock the stories from people who were involved in the final phases of the Second World War. The aim is to bring an important episode in the history of Europe back to life; one in which freedom was lost and won back again, and to keep it alive for the people of today and generations to come.

The Liberation Route Europe Foundation also wants to promote the idea that freedom in Europe is not something we should take for granted. By doing this, the Liberation Route Europe Foundation hopes to build a bridge to the future; one that asks us how we can preserve our freedom.

Liberation Route in the Netherlands
The Liberation Route Europe Foundation is a Dutch organisation, and as such, has put the Netherlands at the forefront of the development of the Liberation Route Europe. In addition to its responsibilities in the development of the route, the foundation is also responsible for the coordination and organisation of a range of activities relating to the theme of liberation and freedom. These include the festivities for the 70th anniversary of Operation Market Garden and the European-wide coordination of the promotion of Liberation Route Europe. Our aim, is to establish an international organisation in which all of the participating countries and organisations are represented.

Liberation Route in Europe
For the European expansion of the Liberation Route Europe, the Liberation Route Europe Foundation has taken on a supervisory role as umbrella organisation, working in close collaboration with numerous international organisations.

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