Gdańsk and the site of the first WWII casualties

Gdańsk and the site of the first WWII casualties

Start: Gdańsk End: Gdańsk Days: 2 Nights: 1 Price: upon request

Gdańsk and the site of the first WWII casualties

Gdańsk: the city where everything began: Second World War and fall of the Berlin Wall. This program will lead your students to the exact place of the beginning of the Second World War.

Daily life during the war in Eastern Europe will be explained to them as well how the fall of the Berlin wall and the Iron curtain took with amongst other the creation of the Union Solidarnosc.

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Day 1

Visit Gdańsk and a walking tour through the Old Town. Then visit the European Solidarity Centre, to learn about the history of city under the communist regime and its fall.

The visit of the bright new Museum of the Second World War (opening scheduled for March 2017), which tells the history of the war from a Polish but also an international perspective.

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Day 2

Continuation of the visit of Gdańsk with a tour on the road to freedom : Westerplatte, defense position of a Polish military depot where the very first battle of the Second World War took place. when an attack from the battleship Schleswig-Holstein was launched. At the same time, the building of the Polish Post Museum was also under attack.

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