Camp Vught National Memorial

Camp Vught National Memorial

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Camp Vught National Memorial

Camp Vught National Memorial is located on part of the former SS camp Konzentrationslager Herzogenbusch, also known as Camp Vught (January 1943 – September 1944). The museum is spread out over several buildings and outdoor areas. You can book a tour and/or order a pre-visit education pack at the same time. Our pre-visit education pack is called ‘Camp Vught in the classroom’.

The combined memorial centre and museum features various exhibitions, a memorial room and wall of reflection. A model of the camp, made of natural stone, shows the extensive size of the camp and the many buildings it included. The watchtowers, which were built a hundred meters apart, have been reconstructed. The barrack, rebuilt at half the original size, shows how the prisoners lived. The Children’s Memorial lists the names and ages of the 1,269 Jewish children who were deported in June 1943. There is also a crematorium, where the bodies of prisoners who died or were executed at the camp were burned. The Execution area is located in the woods, at about a 15-minute walk from the museum. A memorial has been erected here that displays the names of the 329 prisoners who were executed at this site.

Barrack 1B is the last remaining barrack from Konzentrationslager Herzogenbusch. The permanent exhibition covers four periods: the concentration camp (1943-1944), the evacuation camp for German citizens from the border area (1944-1945) and the internment camp for NSB members, Dutch citizens suspected of collaboration, and imperial Germans (1944-1949). From 1951, part of the former camp was used as the Lunetten compound and it housed former troops from the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL in Dutch) and their families from the Moluccas.

You may choose to add specific activities to your tour, such as:• renting a space for your own activity;• walking to the Execution Area (without a tour guide);• watching a film (‘Kamp Vught in the klas’ with subtitles – € 15,00, max. 80 persons);• arranging a talk by a guest speaker/eye witness

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