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Fletcher Hotel Val Monte 3 Day Royal Tour

Nijmegen area is well known for its beautiful surroundings with hills and forests. This oldest city of the Netherlands is however also one of Netherlands heaviest affected cities during the Second World War. Over 2200 citizens did not survive the War. No wonder the remembrance of the history of WWII is still very alive here.Experience the impressive history with this unique and bordercrossing package. You travel from the Dutch Groesbeek to the German Kranenburg, per lorry from where a Dodge will bring you to the highlights of Operation Market Garden and Operation Veritable. Erica. The hotel restaurant will serve you a delicious 3-course dinner. At sunset, you bring a tribute to the Allied soldiers who fought for the freedom of the Netherlands. A guided tour will make you look at the city centre of Nijmegen in a different way.  A visit to the National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 will complete your tour. Stay the night at the 4-star Fletcher Parkhotel Val Monte. 

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Day 1

You start your touring along the places where violent fights took place in September 1944 during the 'Operation Market Garden'. Fletcher Parkhotel Val Monte welcomes you with a delicious 3-course dinner. At sunset, you bring a tribute to the Allied soldiers who fought for the freedom of the Netherlands with the Sunset March at the bridge the Crossing. This bridge has been erected very close to the site where soldiers of the US 82nd Airborne Division crossed the River Waal on  September 20, 1944. The Waal Crossing, which this action is know as, cost 48 soldiers their lives. The bridge is lit by a special light installation. Along the bridge are 48 pairs of street lights, in commemoration of those who lost their lives. At twilight, the streetlights are illuminated one pair at a time, at the pace of a slow march.           

Day 2

After a good nights sleep and a delicious breakfast you will start the day fresh and active with the Grenzland Draisine. On a lorry you will follow the former trainrails from the Netherlands to Germany.  The cross-border lorry trip is about 5.5 km long and runs between Groesbeek and Kranenburg. You reach the German border, almost unnoticing, after about 2.5 km. The journey continues through the characteristic landscape of the Niederrhein region. Enjoy, while crossing the border the unique view over the German-Dutch border region. Discover the historical events surrounding Operation Market Garden, the evacuation of the Kranenburg inhabitants in October 1944 and the flood areas of the village in February 1945.

In Kranenburg  LiberationTour Dodge is ready to pick you up for a drive past the landing fields operated by General Gavin and his men during Operation Market Garden. You will be sitting on the couches of a replica WACO, you will see concrete bombs and monuments and find out the reason why the Canadian Ere Cemetery was built in Groesbeek. Finally you will look out over the viewpoint used by General Horrocks during Veritable which was the start of the liberation of the Netherlands.
The movements of the Dodge, the engine's smell, the songs of the war, the soundtrack and original video footage will guarantee you to have a complete experience and will give a good impression of the fierce battle that has taken place. The impact on the population will also be clear during the tour. After the Dodge tour you will take the Draisine back to Groesbeek.

A 3-course dinner is waiting for you in the hotel. After dinner you have the evening to yourself to explore the beautiful surroundings of the hotel. 

Day 3

You end the tour at National Liberation Museum 1944-1945. Here you live through the period preceding the war, experience the occupation, celebrate the liberation and witness the rebuilding of the Netherlands and Europe.