125. Dear Mrs. Webb

125. Dear Mrs. Webb


Kerkstraat, Zeeland, The Netherlands
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125. Dear Mrs. Webb

During Operation Market Garden, numerous air battles take place above the operations area and on the approach routes, during which planes are shot down and crash on Dutch territory. So, on 21 September 1944, the inhabitants of Zeeland and Langenboom witness that a Dakota, registration number KG579, is attacked and shot down by 25 German fighters.

Six of the eight occupants jump out of the crashing plane. Two reach the ground safely. Four others, hanging in their parachutes, are shot at by the three times returning German fighters. Two of them do not survive. The other two are injured. The two pilots are not able to leave the aircraft. Their plane crashes at Volkel airfield. They are buried in the Catholic cemetery of Zeeland. Their comrades lie in the British war cemetery in Uden.

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Kerkstraat (next to church) GPS code: 51° 41' 60"N 5° 40' 31"O

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Kerkstraat, Zeeland, The Netherlands