War museum Overloon

War museum Overloon

Museumpark 1, Overloon, The Netherlands
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War museum Overloon

War belongs in the museum. That is the motto of the Dutch National War and Resistance Museum, which is one of two theme museums in Liberty Park. In the National War and Resistance Museum, the history of the Second World War is presented. Here, you will see how it came to be that, over a period of just five years, more than fifty million people lost their lives. But also how the oppressed population managed to cope very resourcefully with the restrictions and shortages. Attention is paid to the resistance in the time of occupation, and also to nature of the persecution. And finally, of course, to Liberation, with special attention to the Battle at Overloon.

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For more information and the opening hours please visit: www.oorlogsmuseum.nl/en/home/

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Museumpark 1, Overloon, The Netherlands +31(0)478-641250 http://www.oorlogsmuseum.nl/en/home/

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